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“I admire what ESWH is doing to raise awareness on women’s health, as well as early breast cancer detection, and I strongly support their efforts.”

– Youssra, Egyptian Celebrity


Women’s Outreach
Encompasses an array of efforts to meet the needs of women, especially low-income and illiterate women all over Egypt. The program aims at the early detection of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, and diabetes. This initiative targets women who tend to be most disengaged from the health care system, who thus receive the least amount of health education and information.

Women’s Health Forum
Women’s health forum is a free educational event at which a broad panel of women’s health experts such as physicians, physical therapists, fitness professionals, and nutritionists respond to questions taken from an audience comprised of women from the community.


Stay Beautiful
This initiative helps women to enhance and restore their appearance and self-image. We mainly target low-income and disadvantaged women who have scars and deformities as a result of violence / physical assaults. We offer them free surgeries/ laser scar resurfacing & psychological support.

Healthy Habits For Families
This initiative aims to educate women about important lifestyle habits including nutrition and fitness. We make publications and organize events to educate communities on healthy choices.

Support Groups
Talk to someone who’s been there. We know that talking to others who’ve gone through a similar experience is comforting. We provide a free peer support service that connects women living with breast cancer with trained volunteers who listen, provide hope, offer encouragement and share ideas for coping.


With your support we can expand our activities and programs to cover more women all over Egypt. You can make a huge impact by:

  • Making a personal donation
  • Making corporate donations or sponsorships
  • Sponsoring one of our programs or sub-programs
  • Funding research
  • Volunteering

If you need support or have any questions, contact us.